Employment Mediation

Employment Mediation in Moline Illinois Resolves Disputes Quickly and Affordably

Employment disputes have the potential to lead to extensive disruption in the workplace and to damage the reputation of the business. Additionally, the financial stability and peace of mind of employees are often at stake. Rather than going through the long and expensive process of litigation, many employees and employers in Moline, Illinois are able to successfully resolve their matters through the less contentious process of employment mediation by having an independent third-party mediator like John F. Doak mediate their case. Mr. Doak has extensive experience in mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution that equip him to handle complex employment law matters.

Process of Employment Mediation in Moline Illinois
During employment mediation, the parties work toward reaching an early resolution of their case. They discuss their interests and the unbiased mediator guides them toward a settlement of their case. The mediator gives the parties information about the strengths and weaknesses of their positions so that they have a better understanding of the legal issues involved in the case. He or she also discusses the consequences of not reaching a decision at mediation and protracted litigation. If an agreement is reached, the mediator draws up a written agreement.

Benefits of Using Employment Mediation to Resolve Your Dispute
Employment mediation provides ample benefits to employers and employees alike. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Confidentiality – The mediation process is private and confidential. The parties can freely communicate without being afraid that the information will be later brought up in court.
  • Respectful process –While litigation turns parties into virtual enemies, mediation is a process that respects the roles of both parties. Parties are treated as equals during the process, which gives them a platform to feel heard and understood. This often allows the parties to maintain their relationship together.
  • Time savings – Mediation helps resolve disputes much faster than the traditional legal process. Solving the case more quickly helps reduce conflict in the workplace and gets the business back to focusing on operations faster.
  • Affordability – Mediation is a much more affordable approach than litigation since attorney’s fees are eliminated or reduced, discovery costs may be eliminated and ongoing motions and other legal filings are minimized. The parties can also split the cost of mediation.
  • Control over the outcome – Parties have greater control over the outcome of their case with mediation since any agreement they reach is mutual.

The mediation process is completely voluntary. Many parties find that they are able to reach an amicable solution to their case much faster and cheaper than they would have received through litigation.

Contact an Experienced Mediation Lawyer for an Effective Resolution of Your Case
If you are involved in an employment dispute and would like to resolve it in a more amicable and collaborative method, employment mediation may be the answer. John F. Doak has extensive experience in mediating employment claims. His extensive legal career appearing before state and federal courts in Illinois and Northern District of Iowa, as well as the Seventh Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals has given him an in-depth understanding of employment law that allows him to provide unique insight into these cases. To schedule your mediation, contact him at (309) 797-3000.