Civil Litigation

Experienced Attorney Aggressively Protects the Rights of Clients Embroiled in Civil Litigation in Moline Illinois

When a Moline, Illinois individual or business is involved in a lawsuit, it is important to protect your rights by hiring an experienced civil litigation attorney. John F. Doak in Moline, Illinois has more than 25 years of legal experience in various civil practice areas. He is a formidable opponent in court and zealously protects the interests of his clients.

Assertive Attorney with More than 25 Years of Litigation Experience
When you are embroiled in a lawsuit, the experience your attorney has can often directly impact the outcome of your case. Being a successful litigator requires an in-depth understanding of the various laws, court procedures and rules of evidence that are relevant to a case. John F. Doak can handle a variety of cases including those involving:

  • Commercial litigation –Our legal team can handle claims involving contract disputes, shareholder disputes and disagreements between business owners.
  • Employment law – We represent parties pursue or defend against claims of breach of employment contracts, non-compete agreements, harassment or discrimination in the workplace, wrongful termination and unfair competition.
  • General litigation – John F. Doak can also handle other types of civil cases, including real estate litigation, insurance litigation, debt collection, boundary disputes, commercial collections, default judgments and more.
  • Personal injury – We represent individuals who have bene harmed due to the negligence of others in motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and by defective products.

We use our intimate knowledge and experience with the civil litigation system to aggressively protect the interests of our clients. In addition to litigation, we can settle disputes through alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Contact an Experienced Litigator for Effective Legal Representation
If you live in Moline, Illinois and have been sued or you need to file a lawsuit in order to assert your legal rights, you need an experienced litigator on your side. John F. Doak has extensive experience in litigating civil cases, including employment matters, commercial disputes and other claims. He is admitted to practice in state and federal courts in Illinois and Iowa, including the U.S. District Court of the Central District of Illinoi, U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Illinois, the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Iowa, and the Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. He is familiar with the procedures and rules used by these various courts and uses this first-hand knowledge to better prepare for cases. Schedule a confidential consultation with John F. Doak by calling (309) 797-3000.